Little Black Bag for Sale

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The boat this bag came off of was a 1992 Mod 2. My dearly departed 1992 had a plastic cubby with snaps all around it. The black bag snapped all around the opening of the cubby. The bag doesn't provide any type of waterproof barrier. The cubby is so small that if you swamp the boat, it's not a problem because the bow of the boat doesn't fill with water. If you have a Mod 1 with the wooden hatch, and that nice big open storage area, I would recommend you retrofit the opening with a plexiglass door over a rubber gasket.
I have not problems with the present door I have, unless I don't latch it down securely. After the first time I capsized and turtled and the door came off, I make sure the latch if tight. I have capsized and turtled since and the cuddy has stayed dry.

Thanks for the response. Sounds like i need a bag off of a mod 1.