Line & Sheet sets?

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Hi all,

Is anyone aware of a supplier who has a complete line and sheet set available for our C14.2's? Given the age of our boat, and the condition of the lines, it's certainly time to replace and upgrade to smaller cordage and i'd like to be able to do it in one easy step rather than removing and measuring the lengths of all the pieces. Anyone have any thoughts or sources? TIA.

As an aside, what's the consensus on replacement sails for someone like me who is an occassional day sailor and not a performance racer.

Ed Jones

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The mainsheet is 34' 6", jib sheet is 38', main halyard is 42'. Becket block half of jib halyard is 14' 8", upper half is 13'. (This is all in the Capri 14.2 Handbook.) Pick your own diameters, but I recommend going to thinner lines than the original.

The white sails sold by Catalina (818-884-7700) are a cheaper alternative to those sold by the big lofts (North, etc.) but are not very good for racing.
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Thanks Ed,

I knew I should have looked at the manual. I see it now, but at least my copy doesn't give me all the measurements so I'll take yours and measure the rest. And yes, my intent was to get to the smaller line types so they are easier to handle.

Just also received Mainsheet last night - Thanks for the good "Spring Cleaning" tips.