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What lighting options are available for night sailing a 14.2?

As far as I know, regulations state a Sailing Vessel less than 7 meters (23 ft) in length only need to have a white flashlight or latern to show while underway.

Out of courtesy to other boats, what options are there for adding red/green sidelights and a sternlight on a 14? How about an all-around light for anchoring?

What energy sources are available for boats this small? Where could one find information about alternative power sources such as wind or solar power and recharging units for batteries?

have you had any nightsailing experiences or tips you'd like to share?

Ed Jones

Secretary/Vice Commodore
We sometimes take out our canoe at night. We bought a simple clamp-on red/green bowlight that uses a single "D" cell. For a stern light we use a tiny little flourescent camping lantern. Simple, but effective.
West Marine sells "flashlight" type Bow and Stern lights which clamp onto most any small boat. Good to carry on a late afternoon sail just in case, or attach at night. Dick