light wind sailing


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I do, but I took a far better one today—in "action".

When I figure out how to get it to a computer, I'll post it—right here. ;)


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do you have a photo of that?
At long last, I found the photo I wanted to use.

A Loon is in the photograph, which had just surfaced in front of me. :cool:

It shows the strand from a torn plastic tarp, which is attached to the forward end of the boom.

A metal paper clip is attached (to the upper left of the Loon), which holds the strand from tangling against the sail or getting stuck on a wet deck. The [breast] feather is located to the lower left of the Loon. Most often on this lake, the wind is "light and variable": at other times (15-knots+) I don't risk going out.

On June 9th, a warm, partly-sunny, but otherwise "gray day", I got caught in a sudden storm which tore my racing sail :( then broke my mast.:confused: