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was wondering if anyone may know, I am about to purchase a '90 14.2 with trailer. The seller said the light bulbs on the trailer need replacing and gave me the following code of the current bulb: GE 20575DG. I can't for the life of me find one of these. The seller pruchased the boat and trailer together, does anyone know the updated bulb # and where I might be able to buy one? Please respond to


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If you can get the old bulb out of it's socket there should be a number somewhere on the bulb that you can use to match a new one.
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Picking the boat up this Sunday, have a two hour drive to get it home and since it's a holiday weekend, not sure the local pep-boys will be open. Was hoping to replace before the trip. Thanks for the response!
I have found that sometimes the bulb is not at fault but the grounding to the frame of the trailer. Try tightening/cleaning the mounting screws which are usually used to provide the return ground. If you do this with the car connected and the lights on, you may be able to see the light flicker (this is a good thing).

If you are really concerned, buy a whole new lighting kit. I would invest in the submersible style if you always trailer your boat to the water.

The kit includes the connection to the car all the way back to the lights. You could lash these to the boat or the trailer temporarily to get home. Then permanently mount everything

If you don't need it, then return it!

Good luck and Happy 4th!!!

I think new wiring and lights is always a good idea on an older trailer. I know whenever I go to pick up a trailer or boat or both that I am unsure about, I always take along a set of lights, a wiring harness, and a boatload(no pun was intentional) of zip ties. That way I can quickly rewire and relight the trailer if need be. Then, when you get it home, I can take my time and pull new wiring through the trailer and permanently attach the new lights.
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For all, it was the ground connections at each tail light and at the connection point at the hitch. Just removed the screws / bolts, sanded and re-connected and, let there be light! Took all of 20 minutes and zero cost although I did replace the light bulbs just to be sure. Thanks to all (especially Jaeger for the helpfull advice) and by the way, took her out this weekend and we made beautiful music together!