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Light air sheet


6 was the common lt air sheet a few years ago.

Rooster makes the polilite in 5.5mm I've not used it so can't comment, but I do know a number of good guys I sailed with use it.

It's not quite the issue it used to be since the blocks have had ball bearings added


Upside down?
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I bought a 5 mm 'light air' sheet awhile ago, but find that the 'classic' Rooster Polilite (~6 mm or 1/4") works just fine.
In retrospect, I now feel that I wasted some money.:(



Rooster Polilite, definitely my favorite mainsheet for all conditions! (and Ben Ainsle's!)

Resists tangles, doesn't absorb water, easy to grip
(I like sailing without gloves but for windy conditions I use zhik rubberized gloves or Rooster pro gloves)

You can use most blocks, but I would suggest using a smaller mainsheet block with the 5mm (I think the one I've got is a Ronstan 40c) it's significantly smaller than the ones most people use, non-ratcheting. Great holding power, Trims in quick, eases out easy! Amazing combo!