Legal Signage for Lasers

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Can anyone tell me what is legal (and not legal) for signwriting on a laser?
Also what is the necessary information to be written on the hull?

I cannot find anything in the laser rules

You will need to look at the ISAF Regulation 20.4.2. Since the Laser is Category C, there are guidelines as to where and how much advertising is allowed to be placed on the hull, sail, and spars. I don't know off the top of my head.
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Thanks, but I am not after advertising, I just want to know the International Laser Class Association limitations of non advertising signage and what is considered necessary and what limitations there are
I think he's saying if its ok to take the stickers off? Yes it is fine. I Have nothing on my new boat, I took the laser and the stickers on the stern off. looks pretty pimp.
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I have put the (non sponsored) name on the sides and my sailing club's initials on the port side of the tuck. The sail number is already on the starboard tuck.
I really want to know what is requisite signage and what are limitations to signage on the HULL only.

Ross B

I'm pretty sure it's anything goes, as we are an Olympic class.

Lot's of campaigners have their sponsors all over their boat. Mine is on my boom, and I will be putting my website on each of my hull.

Ross B

If you want to, I'm sure you can take them off. I can't really understand why you would though.
Rob, the rule I think you are referring to is an Australia only rule - it's a Yachting Australia addendum to the ISAF RRS. Addendum A, Regulation 9 if you reeeeally want to know. The rule says that the boat name and number have to be on the transom at least 50mm high and 8mm thick and the class and sailing club must be at least 20mm high and 4mm thick.

At most regattas no one really cares, but the measurers have cracked down on it at the Nationals a couple of times. I've never seen them get the calipers out to measure letter thickness though, so I wouldn't worry too much. They normally just want to make sure that the boat name and number are legible from a couple of boat lengths behind, in case someone wants to protest you and can't see the number on your sail.

I only have an older rule book to hand so the details may have changed, but I'm pretty sure they are still the same.
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Thanks Tony,
I have not put the name on the transom, just the sail number on starboard and my clubs initails on the port side.
The boats name is on each side, near the transom
How will that go for the ILSA?