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I have noticed that my boat has a bit of a lee helm when I am sailing by myself in a decent wind. I find that shifting my weight toward the bow helps, but in strong winds this is not a good situation.

Has anyone else noted the same issue? If so, how was it corrected? I usually want to be able to tie down the jib and work the main when I am solo, but it won't work with a lee helm.

Ed Jones

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Most Capri 14.2s have a tendency toward lee helm. The easiest way to fix it is to rake the mast more. Try attaching the bottom of the forestay to the very top hole on the bow adjuster plate. But then you might have to re-adjust the shrouds if that makes the rig too loose. (Keep in mind six inches or so of slack in the shrouds is not excessive. Serious racers carry that much or more, but it makes some cruising sailors uncomfortable.)

It will also help to slide the jib car all the way to the front of the track.

Ed Jones

Secretary/Vice Commodore
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I forgot to address what you said about shifting your weight. If you're sitting way back in a breeze because you don't like to use the hiking stick you're way too far back. You should always sit just aft of the jib car, and your crew should be all the way forward. Use the hiking stick. That's what it's for.