Learning to sail on the sea


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I sail at a local sailing club in a reservoir where the focus is mainly on racing, but to be honest I've never been any good at it or have much inclination towards racing, and would rather sail on the sea for daytrips. I'd be far happier exploring a coastline and would like to save up for a bigger boat and sail longer distances along the coast in time. However, the sea is dangerous and I would like to know what I'm doing. I've been casting around to see if anywhere in my local area (around Manchester UK) does a dinghy day sailing course, which seems like it would cover some of the skills I would need, but it doesn't appear to be a popular course and I'm struggling to find anywhere which would run it for a single person. I was wondering what the best way to go about this would be. Would joining a costal club be the way to go? Though I'd fear further racing humiliation could be involved.
Any advice would be much appreciated.