Leaking Sunfish/Minifish hulls

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For some years, we have been dealing with both Minifish and Sunfish (Super Sunfish) hulls that accumulate a good deal of water. We have speculated that this must occur somewhere in either the centerboard well, the mast step, or the hull drain. It is not unmanagable, but if there are easy or common fixes, we would like to learn about them. Both are from Alcort days, have been well cared for and stored, and both are in superb condition in all other respects.

I will also attest to a recent comment on this forum that for casual and sporty sailing, the Super Sunfish is infinitely more forgiving than a Laser and just as much fun, even though slightly slower overall.

Thanks for any comments-

Denny S. Anspach, MD
Lake Okoboji
Those are common places where leaks develop in the older boats. Start by doing a leak test to identify the spots where water comes in. - http://www.windline.net/proj4.htm

What you do next depends on what you discover. Leaks in the daggerboard trunk or mast pocket can sometimes be plugged with Marine-tex epoxy or addition of extra fiberglass. A split hull seam gets pasted back together. Leaking hardware gets sealed up. Windline Sails and Sunfish Sailors have illustrated procedures for many common repairs. Ask if you don’t see exactly what you need. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sunfish_sailor