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Hey 'fishers

I noticed in the latest windward leg, the technical section on the boom end caps. Apparently, the author is rotating the endcaps around to keep the "eye" from breaking off in high wind. OK, that makes good sense.

I also see that there is mention of a fairlead. In the picture, there is what looks like a piece of tubing wrapped in tape used as a fairlead for the outhaul.
Is that what you are seeing? Has anyone seen this live? It all makes good sense, just wonderig about the "fairlead" piece....what is it, material, diameter, etc. Anyone care to discuss?

Nice issue of the magazine too if any involved read this!



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Re: Paul Odegaard's End Cap article,

I don't know about the band-aid. I figure when the cap is old enough - attacked by UV enough to break, it's time for a new cap.

Interestingly we use to add a fairlead cap (pointed down) to the eyebolt end of the spar to prevent the bolt from scratching the deck - especially helpful when rigged with the Jens rig. I see now the factory does this.
The tubing is just a clear, roughly 1/4" diameter, medical tubing which can be purchased in any length at your local Home Depot. Very inexpensive. You can cut to any length, generally a couple of inches for each fairlead will do. I typically have 2 fairleads about 2+ inches in length. Good Luck