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Signal Charlie, I thought of you when I saw the picture advertising this Sunfish and trailer near me for $250. It’s pre-‘71- no cockpit cubby, but hanging from its keeper chain was the original brass rudder pin. Just hanging there! It even has the plastic tube covering the carriage bolt. I quickly secured the pin and taped it down before driving off. The boat has been sitting for a couple of years and it shows. I’m hoping the ‘after’ pics show a much nicer blue deck! I’ll probably add a port and upgrade to the new style rudder. I’ve got a nice replacement sail for it. The trailer is like new. The biggest issue I can tell is a crack in the cockpit floor. Wish he had flipped it over before leaving it out in a field, as New England winters are not good to a cockpit full of freeze and thaw.
This is the 4th Sunfish in my current inventory. I sold 3 others this spring. I keep reminding myself there are much worse addictions 4F7564F6-667C-45B3-96E2-50D33D22388E.jpeg 89D836C1-1FA5-4A15-AEBD-8C1AF6E8F3D5.jpeg 97A803CF-E0D8-4045-8CBD-68E24C21AA68.jpeg F2E2E872-3352-46D3-A636-E79C550612D2.jpeg 26039CCC-8BE2-49B3-90FE-15D56824DA66.jpeg
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It does still have the aluminum plate, I can barely read it, but it says “AMF ALCORT WATERBURY, CONN U.S.A. CER. NO. 71034, which dates this boat to 1970. 82FFA3B7-9A5B-4429-A384-DD5ADEAA130A.jpeg
I concur with '70 or earlier. Mine looks the same but has the stowage compartment space added in '70-'71. Mine does NOT have an HIN so that dates it to pre November 1972.
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This is the most filthy boat I’ve owned! It took some major scrubbing just to remove the initial grime. The cockpit crack is ugly, as are two other areas to the hull. It weighs a ton. No ports yet, but I’ll have to add at least one to the stern. But that blue deck cleaned up pretty well and I see potential!
0D4A3E70-13DD-4440-83CA-A7E9AE07DED3.jpeg AFF01105-E250-485D-851A-2F7D9343C10A.jpeg C6299413-1C52-401C-A6D6-13D6807A7931.jpeg 345D1E85-C847-4D32-B7A3-3EB71768E89A.jpeg 391DCB43-1FB8-4F2F-99C3-3BBF620E3583.jpeg 609DD554-965D-45AC-A88A-852B8D47B2AC.jpeg 0D4A3E70-13DD-4440-83CA-A7E9AE07DED3.jpeg AFF01105-E250-485D-851A-2F7D9343C10A.jpeg 609DD554-965D-45AC-A88A-852B8D47B2AC.jpeg C6299413-1C52-401C-A6D6-13D6807A7931.jpeg 345D1E85-C847-4D32-B7A3-3EB71768E89A.jpeg 391DCB43-1FB8-4F2F-99C3-3BBF620E3583.jpeg


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I just sold Sunfish #6, a '71—with cubby. The bottom, daggerboard and rudder were perfect. (Turned down @ $350 by two members here). :(

Restorable red deck, just started compounding, when it sold in days for $700. :cool: