Late 1970's Sunfish and Trailer

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Solid boat; yellow deck, white stripes and white hull. Lots of racing upgrades: class legal white sail with window; racing spars with outhauls, white racing d board, and rudder with carbon tiller extension. Two inspection ports added.. No leaks. Swivel cam cleat. Custom fitted trailer for SF hull shape; professionally rebuilt trailer with new bearings, seals, and bearing Buddies ( rebuild cost me $500). Pictures available. Selling because of health issues.
Very interested in seeing any-and-all images of the boat, details described and trailer. Many fond memories of learning to sail on Lake Mendota. Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you soon.

Do you still have your boat for sale? I live in Wisconsin and have a daughter who lives in Madison. I would really like to see some pictures. So the boat, sail and trailer is $900? Does the rudder flip up? Is the rudder/centerboard wooden or fiberglass?

You can send pictures please (if still available) to:

Thank you for writing to me. Could you send me pictures, if it is not too difficult to send? You can send them to me via my personal email: if that is easy enough to do for you.

I am up north at our cottage and my husband is out of town. Could we come see it at your convenience, possibly sometime during the last week of July? I was thinking maybe the 27th night? Or the 28th? Otherwise, other days would work, too.

I am curious. How much does the boat weigh now?

THANKS so much for your detailed reply. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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