Last Day to Save on Entry Fee for Laser Masters Regatta @ ABYC

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Hello Laser Masters and Friends:

Today, August 5th is the last day to sign-up and receive the early entry discount for the 2010 Laser Masters North American Championship Regatta August 13-15 at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club (ABYC) in Long Beach CA:

Today is also the last day for us to qualify a fleet of Laser Radials for our own start separate from the full-rig Lasers. As of this writing, we need five (5) more Radials to complete our fleet of fifteen (15).

If you've sailed and or raced a Laser you know the standard Laser is not well-suited to everyone. As such, the Laser has evolved into three classes: the Standard, the Radial and now, the 4.7. In each case, the hull is identical and only the bottom mast section and sail are changed. We won't deal with the 4.7 here, but if you are just getting back into or thinking of trying Laser racing can I put this, you're not the ripped, cut or superbly trained athlete you once were, why don't you think about racing a Laser Radial?

Depending on your experience and fitness, you may find the Radial a perfect fit, especially if you weigh less than 160 pounds. If you do fit this profile, you'll find as I and many others have experienced and seen quoted elsewhere, you will begin to love racing in heavy air! So, if you've purchased a Radial rig for your children, already have one or know where you can borrow one, come race with us.

Now, don't worry you can still enter our regatta right up to Wednesday August 11th and goodness knows we can use the extra cash, but we're not greedy, so sign-up today and enjoy the expert race management and hospitality of ABYC. Log-on here to register: