Lasers w/canting dagger boards????

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WTF is this?

Fourteenth placed Greek sailor Adonis BOUGIOURIS commented: “I capsized in the first race, then in the second race I lost a lot of places – I thought I had weed on my centreboard, but when I looked, it was broken in half. It was a good day anyway, beautiful sailing on big seas – I enjoyed it.”

Are we moving to canting blades now?

Seriously, how does a Laser dagger board just "break in half" without you knowing about it?

I can only think he must have really jumped up and down on it while righting his boat which actually broke it and the break completed itself while he was sailing in the big wave/wind conditions.
Hard to say. If it broke just outside of where it leaves the case, then probably he cracked it. Putting roughly 80kg on the end of a centre board would do that. (but that sounds like bad practise that you would assume a professional sailor wouldn't do)

Otherwise, perhaps it was cracked some other time. He says "half the board". Was that half the under water shape or half the board in total?


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Are they using the new FRP blades or the old trusted foam blades?

A failure of one of the new blades at the worlds should be a serious reason to revisit quality control practices..
Team mate for Adonis Bougiouris, Tinoni Poupadropaoulis, has supplied pictures from his underwater camera, just before the moment that his centreboard was also broken.