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SailLaser Jacksonville has several new and used Lasers available for purchase! We will not be beat in price! All LaserPerformance boats and parts are available now from our Center. If you want a Laser, you need to see our inventory. All of our Lasers are "Race" versions. We have several 2011 Event Boats in perfect condition, a new 2010, a 2008 training fleet boat, and one 2005 Laser XD package that includes a trailer, 2 covers and two sails for just $3500! Call for details, as at these pricxes, these boats won't last. Call Dan at (904) 215-4773 or
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The Local Jacksonville area Laser Fleet is growing again! There has been a very competitive fleet in the area traditionally. With SailLaser Jacksonville now here in the area- the fleet activity is building momentum once again. We are running a Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Frostbite series on the First & Third Saturday afternoons of each month. Low cost and lots of fun is the idea. Please come in or give a call for more details. (904) 215-4773 We will also be offering Laser racing instructional courses once a month for anyone wanting to step up there Laser racing skills.
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The 2005 Laser Radial package deal did not finalize as expected and thus is still available. Great deal for boat, trailer, both covers, 2 radial sails, foil bag... $3500

Also, currently we do not have any used parts for sale, but will make sure you get the best deal on any new parts! 904.215.4773
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The 2005 package deal boat AND the 2010 New Laser Race have been sold.
Currently; we have (3) 2011 Event boats for sale at $5681 (includes a dolly). Two are full rigs and one is radial rig.
We have one 2008 radial rig listed at $3800 in good condition.

And we have one used Kitty Hawk I trailer for sale $650, in good condition.

Call for details and pictures! 904.215.4773 or
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