LaserCoach 2000 rivals the question....

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I just recieved my copy of LaserCoach 2000 and have been studying it quite intently. Within the last couple of months there was a thread on this forum jokingly dismissing somone making a claim that the Laser could do 40mph. Well under the technique section on the LC2000 disk there is a video clip under the, subsiquent reaching section, of these world class laserites cranking in strong winds. Even the narrator states that they only had a 70HP motor on the back of the chase boat and where having a real problem keeping up. When I say these guys where cranking I mean they were MOVING. Surfing some pretty descent sized appears as if they are totally out of control always planning it even appears as if they are airborn at times as they crest these waves. The clip is truly amazing. They even have this guy bow dive at the high speed.

I would love to get and esimate of what there speed was. Its gotta be somwhere in the 30's. :cool:
the bowdive sounds like the infamous aussie 18 submarine. surely we've all see clip when they launch off a small wave and then just go under and pitchpull. its truly amazing these boats hold up to that abuse.
A couple weeks ago I was sailing on a reach next to a J24 with a speedometer. It was a breezy day probably blowing at aobut 15, I was passing the 24 like it was standing still, and they later told me they we going 6 knots. So I would Imagin in a 25 knot breeze in waves you could probably get well into the Teens. That is Just a estimate though, and I don't think it could really ever break 20 though, but I could be wrong.

Video coaching is certainly very effective, both CD-ROM type and when you get a coach to video you so you can evaluate your performance. Videos allow you to see what is happening and compare it with your own sailing. How often do you get to compare notes with the world's best? Also, I would suggest finding a video of the 2000 Olympics laser races, especially the epic final race between Ainslie (GBR) and Scheidt (BRA).