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Laser2 Fun rake


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If I remember it right, the rake on a class-legal rig Laser 2 (no Fun :D ) should be in the 625 - 635 cm range, measured with the main halyard in sailing position, to where the tape measure just touches the gunwale above the rudder. The same way as it's done in the 470 and 420, for example.

This is not directly applicable to the "Fun" rig though, as that one has spreaders which force the mast to prebend the "right" way (aft). You have to test different settings yourself; you might want to start with something like 620 cm, with 80 to 90 kg of jib luff wire tension.



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Sorry for the late replay, LaLi. Mant thanks for the input, I’m going to test different settings as suggested.
Meanwhile: if anybody has any document on this topic, thanks for sharing.