Laser1 rightfull owner question

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Hi! How can I find the right full owner of a sail boat, is there a place that you know where I can search for this info? I have a sail boat that's doing nothing on the site but no one knows who's the original owner.I do have it's serial number though. Thanks in advance for your help guys.
P.s I live in Montreal, Canada


Here in Ohio we have to register our boats with the state. I would be able to take the HIN and find the owner with the state agency. Is there some similar agency in Quebec?
Since you have the S/N, if the boat is not very old, you may want to contact the builder. We recently did a search on a Sunfish, LP could not help us, but started contacting area dealers and narrowed it down quite a bit, eventually finding the owner.
Good luck with your search
I'm curious about the "site." If it is a storage facility or yacht club, then the boat should have identification and the space fee paid current. If it's on other private property, and the owner has not kept track, at some point would this be considered abandoned?

If you can't track the owner, contact the local authority and enquire as to how you go about assuming title.

In Southern California, there are public areas with leased boat storage areas and boats are abandoned all the time, about once a year, the city cleans it up and takes the boats that aren't paid current either to auction or the landfill. The clean up effort costs the city more than it brings in. I understand that private marinas have to do the same thing occasionally, and the cost is substantial.
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Thanks all! My land is a private domain with 70 houses on it, i'll have to see with the responsible of merchandise of the land what he want's to do with. It's only the boat with no mast or anything else. Thanks!