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Fully sorted, ready to race, blue hull laser. Everything on the vessel is new, updated, in excellent condition. The package includes the following:

Mast- standard
Mast- Radial
Racing Sail- Standard
Practice Sail- Sandard
Racing Sail- Radial
Blades(with blade bag)
Tiller(with two extensions- fiberglass/alum.)
Boat Cover
Sietech Dolly
All New Runing Gear
Sail Bags
Many Aditionanl Performance Items
Bruce, saw your 420 you had for sale. I guess you sold it, super looking boat. I did have one question. Where did you have those graphics done? Painted or decaled. Sorry I missed that boat. That was really cool. Wish I kept a pic of it. You do keep your fleet exceptional. No expense spared. Thanks
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