Laser wanted in Southeast Michigan

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Robert Roehrig said:
Laser in good clean condition wanted. Prefer 1990 or newer. No soft spots or major wear. Trailer not necessary. Will pick up in reasonable driving distance from Flint Michigan. Please email at:
I live in central ohio and have a Laser, I think 1995 but I will check my papers, I am interested in selling for $3000. The boat is in great conditions with few scratches and no major problems and I have pictures if you are interested. Comes with two sails, seitech dolly, trailer, cover, and blade bag along with all parts. Contact me, Marc, at 614-890-2252, or reply back on this thread if you have interest.
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Hi Marc,

Thanks for the reply, but I did not intend spending that much. I guess I really need to put the price I want to spend in the ad, but I didn't want anyone to think that was an open checkbook. I am really looking to stay under $1,200. I just missed a nice 91 boat that went for $1,100. Appreciate you contacting me though and good luck selling your Laser.

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