Laser wanted in SoCal

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I'm looking for a Laser in Southern California. It has to be good enough to be raced, but doesn't have to be absolutely perfect.

I'm in Southern California, but I travel to San Jose and Phoenix fairly often on business, so if you're in one of those places that's okay too.

Douglas Magde

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Barney: I probably have exactly what you want. Laser
135255, always garaged, always supported by gunwhales,
two sails, trailer, racing lines, tiller, cleats, etc., racing
compass. Very good condition. Raced a few dozen times,
but only in light air. About the time I bought a new boat,
I got older and developed back problems. Hasn't been
sailed at all for about three years. I am finally giving up
and admitting I won't go back to sailing, at least not in
lasers. Oh, yes: always perfectly dry inside, unlike the
used boat I bought for my first laser!
Call at 858-453-7797 to see it.
Location: north San Diego.
Doug Magde
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