Laser vs. Zuma

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I've been having some trouble finding a decent used Laser for sale in my area (Long Island, NY). However, there seems to be a ton of Zuma's for sale.

Has anyone sailed both? What are the differences? Is a Zuma slower?

I'm only looking to sail recreationally. I grew up sailing Lasers and am concerned that a Zuma might not be challenging/thrilling enough.



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Zuma has less square feet of sail and is a little bit shorter therefore it is slower.. Though easyier to sail.

"The Zuma makes sailing easy. From it's inception, the Zuma was designed without compromise for the function and comfort of recreational sailors. You will enjoy a nearly seven foot long cockpit with comfy rolled seat tanks. Two can sail comfortably together, and the deck fittings are flush, so that you can suntan in comfort, avoid stubbed toes, and slide the Zuma on top of the car without it getting snagged on fittings."
The Zuma was developed by AMF as the sloop rigged poor cousin to the Sunfish and can't hold a candle to a Laser. It is extremely unbalanced and really sails upwind like crap. If you are going to throw it on a small lake and reach back and forth in 10 knots of breeze it will be fine otherwise keep looking for a Laser...


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I have ridden on Zumas in conditions varying from calm to 20 knots. ( notice I did not use the word sail in the preceeding sentence.)

It takes about the same amount of resin and glass to build a Zuma as it does to build a Laser or Sunfish.

I have never heard a persuasive argument for creating another Zuma.