Laser vs. Sunfish

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A Sunfish is easier to rig HANDS DOWN. About 3-5 minutes to rig a Sunfish, about 20 for a modern laser, probably 15 for one rigged the old way. Plus a Sunfish has a lot less parts to accidentally leave home, lose, etc. BB
The only thing easier to rig than a Sunfish is a canoe. The basic recreational version has two lines: the halyard to raise the sail and the main sheet to control it. That's it!

Of course, man's ability to complicate everything he touches applies to the Sunfish as well. The racing setup adds several more lines, but it's still pretty easy to rig and get going. After that it's about tinkering with the fine-tuning to beat your competition.


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I hope you are not choosing a boat based on how fast it can be rigged...

And, somewhat in contrast with the previous posts, a Laser can be rigged in ten minutes.

:) By an Olympic Gold medalist :)

Moreover, as davlafont already pointed out, it does take longer to rig a Sunfish with all the refinements racers like to play with.
I have both boats, and a Sunfish is definitely the easier of the two to rig, and it is also a bit easier boat for a beginning sailor to learn to sail. I spend more time in my Sunfish than my Laser, but both are great boats.
"...The only thing easier to rig than a Sunfish is a canoe..."
What he said. :p

I've had a sailing canoe, a sailing kayak, a Laser, four different catamarans (three at the same time), and today, a Porpoise II and a Sunfish. I spend all my days in the Sunfish, 'cause I don't have to mess with leeboards or the Laser's mast and mainsail. ;)