Laser Value Question

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There is a like brand new 1995 laser near me for sale. It has only been sailed a handful of times. It is complete and has been stored inside this whole time.

Stickers look new. It looks brand new. no trailer. Whats she worth?
It depends on a number of things. Is it full or radial rig? How many sails does it come with? Are they Laser brand sales or knock offs - like Intensity, etc?

I am in Ontario a boat that age would go for about $2500 - 3000 with two sails and a dolly.
Just stumbled across this thread, call that seller and tell him you DEFINITELY want the boat and you HAVE THE CASH... that's one heckuva deal for a Laser in such good shape, even without a trailer. If you're handy, you can make or modify a trailer to haul the boat for little enough, that boat looks to be in excellent condition and is well worth the lousy grand. The money you save on restoring the boat can be applied toward purchase or modification of a trailer, aye? BUY HER ASAP, THAT'S MY $.02, YOU'LL REGRET IT IF YA DON'T, LOL. :confused:


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Beautiful boat, looks identical to the Youth Worlds boats of the same year. The girls' fleet used exactly those yellow "Graffiti" hulls. "Firm" at :eek: ONE thousand USDs? I'd contact that seller NOW and not a minute later to ensure that no one else gets it!

In addition to what is shown you want a trolley, more purchase in the control systems etc, but that's all something we can talk about later...

If I lived in the "Tar Heel" (as truck drivers call it), I'd contact that seller and offer him $1200 to cut you outta the deal, LOL... :rolleyes:

Just kidding, OP, but buy that boat PRONTO, she's a keeper, aye? I just answered an ad for a Flying Scot in Olympia, boat needs work but the seller only wants $350, and I can probably beat him down further with a cash offer, LOL. ;)
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Thanks for the replies everyone. I would have it tomorrow if he wasn't out of town this weekend. WIll push to pick it up next week if he is available. I told him I definitely want the boat. I don't think it's posted for sale. I posted a WTB ad and he responded. I have a Minifish now. I love these small sailboats! If I can get this Laser, the Mini will be passed down to my wife.

I sailed a Laser in the Dominican a few months ago. It was a blast! I am excited. I'll have to bust out my dry suit to take her for a rip!

I have a double Triton trailer that the Mini and Laser will be sitting on!
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I have secured the Laser. It is as nice and as complete as he promised. I have it sitting on my trailer now with the Minifish. I just need a cover asap! Anyone have a spare cover for sale? I would like it to drape down over the sides as much as possible. I won't be able to store them inside on the double. But will definitely have the hulls covered on the trailer.