Laser traveler trailer


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Hi I'm looking to purchase new laser trailer, perhaps A frame, in Midwest area. I have looked at Load Rite , Genesis Trailers, Karavan, etc.
I like Dynamic Dolly Combo Trailers.

Can anyone recommend what trailer should I purchase.? Is aluminum better the galvanized ? What frame should i purchase because i'm planning to purchase dynamic dolly rack for two laser boats to i can take two laser to master events.
I'm in Illinois , Chicagoland area, willing to travel to get the right trailer setup for my laser.
I'm not in favor of Righ-on Laser and sunfish trailer because laser hull is sticking out a lot from the back of the trailer . I like to roll laser load with dolly system.
Any recommendations i would greatly appreciate.


I went with Trailex which has a swivel bow piece. I think that is like a ~$50 upgrade (but they all might come with it now?)

In the beginning I asked for help (ie 2 people to pick up to transfer to dolly). However, now I am completely independent picking up the stern on my own for the transfer. I just swivel stern to dolly then put nose on dolly (which is light as feather once stern swiveled over). I was not a fan of Right-On. Don't get me wrong, it works perfectly as designed. However, I needed a lighter trailer to move around my property single handed.

Good luck