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Laser taper in the kicker 5:1

Is a taper in the Laser 5:1 class legal?

  • yes

  • no

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Hi everyone,
I was thinking about tapering the 5:1 in the kicker system, as this would dramatically reduce friction, but wasn't sure weather or not it was class legal. I though that the 'uniform thickness exept for a splice' was a bit vague and contridictory in this case. So I asked Max from Southeast Sailboats, and he said that he thought it was class legal. So I asked my coach, and he said he has his doubts, but if Max said it was then it probably was.

Still, better to be safe than sorry. So what does everyone think? Class legal or not, and why?


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No. The rule isn’t very well written (which is why I voted against it), but it’s still pretty clear that you can’t use a splice as an excuse for additional tapering. The allowing of different diameters applies only to the splice itself.

Although it would be great if equipment salesmen and coaches knew the rules, they aren’t in reality any more knowledgeable than us sailors. The right people to ask are the members of the ILCA technical and measurement committee. I believe at least one of them (Clive Humphris) is also a member of this forum.

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The rule actually goes on to say that the "at the load bearing attachment point." This means IMO that the splice cannot extend to other locations such as passing through a pulley or cleat. At those locations, the rope must be uniform thickness.

I agree, the wording in the class rules in more recent times are not well written. Unfortunately the only person authorised by the ILCA to offer interpretations of the rules is the World Measurer, whilst others (including Clive) might be consulted by the World Measurer in the process, it all falls on the opinion of one person (who may or may not have a good understanding of the nuances of the English language).