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I recently managed to get a hold of a vintage Laser. (My wife keeps telling me that vintage stuff is apparently now cool...) The problem is that it has no covers and the last "upgrade" was installed in 1980 something....

I'm on a mission to try to make this boat almost fast so will be putting some effort into cleaning it, filling in scratches etc.... On this note, does anyone have any covers, hull, top cover or envelope that they want to get rid of? As I only paid a couple of hundred for the boat, I don't want to spend as much again on covers!

On a similar note, if anyone has a carbon tiller they want to upgrade, or new style vang, outhaul or anything for that matter they want to sell, please let me know. I need pretty much everything from grab rails, to mainsheet blocks to mast plugs.

And fyi... if anyone ever thinks that harken don't make good kit... After 20 something years left out in the elements, the cleats & ratchet work like the day they were made....

Hopefully see some of you out on the water soon!



I've got a WinDesign bottom cover that I'll sell for $50 - Material has plenty of life left, shock cord in hem is perfect. A few minor holes which have been patched. All the seams have been reinforced. I can send you some pics on Sat if you want. (it can also be used as a top cover at regattas, ie cover the bottom while transporting, and then used as a top cover while sitting on the dolly)

Send a PM to user 48111 on the top covers - he has new ones made from Top Gun material for $110 as well as ones made from Sunbrella for $135. He may have a prototype or slightly used top cover laying around too.
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