Laser Simulator available at Tacticat

Tacticat is awesome! Its free, it’s addictive, it’s continuously being changed for the better and it can teach you so much about tactics and rules. Where else can you get 10 races done in 2 hours? Any serious sailor has to include some kind of simulator in their training to keep their mind sharp while the water is hard.

Go and try it! After you get a boat press the following keys it will make things much easier. A, U, V, 3, 3, S, I.

Sail Fast!
No need to press A now Tink.:)
i used this program tonight and was stuck on it for TWO HOURS!!! everyone on in the race was courtious and helpful... and there was 18 boats!!!

I recommend this site to everyone!!

as far as people who are rude etc. there was none to be seen, the internet unfortunately is a place where people can show their true colours, sometimes these colours and not so nice. but this happens everywhere!

overall i had a great experience and .... to be honest am still playing it as i type this.... i will definately be using this on a regular basis... thanks for making it available!

Who invented this damn program??!! I've spent hours on the wretched thing to the great detriment to wrapping up reports before Christmas! I'm sure I wouldn't always be last if I wasn't always being penalised. If I get infringed by others I then get penalised usually I have no idea why. Bloody thing - will I be back? You bet, hang the report - I'm going there now!
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If I get infringed by others I then get penalised usually I have no idea why.
Every time you get penalized (i.e., you are found the guilty one when two boats hit):
- your name will start blinking (gray for the first pen, black if you have more pending pens)
- the system will show a message in your computer (on top, red letters) informing you which rule was applied and some info about that rule, for instance RULE 10: Starboard-Port
- The message will be stored in the chat list, where you can review the history.

If the race is a part of a regatta, or is a team race you can later replay it like a video with the slow, f-f features. You can see which rules were applied in all collisions.

Tacticat rules engine is far from perfect.... but we are always improving it. Right now the most important holes are when more than two boats meet, in those cases Tacticat fails to recognize some boats as obstructions.

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Final Match of Euro Team League

This evening is the final of Euro Team League at Tacticat.
Two british teams race to win a boat: Highcliff and Parkstone

Date: Jan 3, 2008
Time: 21:00 (GMT & UK time)

The race will be available on-line (21:00) at this free racecast:

(you need to have java installed in your computer, when you enter press Z, X and click with the mouse)


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