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Laser Sheet diameter?


should I go for a 7 mm sheet? 8 mm seems way too much and 6mm just don't know. any ideas? thanks
Here’s a photo of the mainsheet that come with my Laser and the one I am replacing it with. The old one was way too thick, the new one is 8mm diameter to suit my 3XL hands


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should I go for a 7 mm sheet? 8 mm seems way too much and 6mm just don't know. any ideas? thanks
I would suggest going for a Rooster 6mm mainsheet. It's the best on the market and almost all top sailors use it + it's suprisingly not that expensive. They also have a 7 mm version, but the 6 mm one runs better through the blocks.


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Use what is comfortable for you. If you have a big hand, it makes sense to use a bigger diameter sheet for comfort, regardless of what the top sailors use. I can't imagine trying to use or sheet with paracord diameter lines either, it would probably be the same as using dental floss :D, so the smaller isn't necessarily the better for everyone. You have to feel comfortable holding the sheet, and large handed people are at a disadvantage using smaller diameter lines, basic physiology and mechanics of the hand.


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Depends, I like the rooster 5.5mm or the marlow super prestretch 6mm (I don't think anyone else considers this a laser mainsheet lol) I feel like the smaller diameter runs better downwind. I have been using a 7mm a bit to try it out but I haven't decided if its better in breeze or not.


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My opinion is the best bang for the. I know is New England Bzzz. I keep two rolls in stock. 7mm and 8 mm. I like the thinner stuff. Many local Sunfish and Laser sailors like the fatter.
It doesn’t tangle as much as the Rooster and lasts longer
Currently, I am using Robline Dinghy Sheet 7mm because it runs wonderfully, is super easy on the hands, and has imperceptible stretch. …. But it costs at Jesse twice as much as BZZZ.