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Laser sails


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I have 5 full and 3 radial sails for sale. These were left in one of my rent houses by tenant of mine I used to sail growing up but it has been many years. I believe they are North sails one of the fulls to be brand new but every Sail is in great shape. I am wanting to get 300 a piece and 400 for the #1 full. I am open to offers though. I also have an Allen 15:1 vang system that I would take $100 for. I am going to post a a few of them. Don't have time to unfold/fold and place them back in bags tonight. More or less I am really trying to see if I can get some money out of these to cover some of the rent I was kinda screwed out of as well as repair damages left behind. Also have a Rooster carbon that I believe is Brand new (no wear from sliding in rudder head) along with an Acme Carbon fats Jr extension. I am located in Houston and can be reached via text at 346 369 923620201212_204943.jpg20201212_210013.jpg20201212_211354.jpg



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Hi, I'd be interested in everything if you still have the kit. My son's sailing team can use the gear.