Laser Sailors in Santa Cruz, CA

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Any laser sailors in Santa Cruz?
I met somebody today in a red laser,he's fairly new to sailing... If you're reading this, post. I was just wondering if you joined.
Everybody else, I'd like to know who sails lasers in SC, I'll go sailing with you sometime :p
Hey Mark,
I thought that looked like the harbor entrance to Santa Cruz in the pictures you posted! You are lucky to live in one of the finest sailing venues in the world and I'm sure you are going to have a great time sailing your Laser there.
You should try to contact Peter Phelan for more information on what is happening with the local Laser scene. You can get contact info for him from the Santa Cruz Yacht Club. While I don't think there is a large organized fleet in Santa Cruz, there are a number of really good Laser sailors living in that area (besides Peter, there is Steve Bourdow, Bruce Edwards, Morgan Larson, etc., all world class sailors).
And, of course, there is the annual Santa Cruz NorCals, one of the oldest Laser regattas in the world (started the year after the Orange Coffee Pot Regatta)...
If you are mobile, there is a regatta down in Monterey every Spring as well and, of course, up here in the Bay Area we have a full schedule year round.
Look forward to seeing you on the water!

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neat, I dont' really know what to do to get into racing. I'm thinking of doing the west marine fun regatta, but I haven't practiced starting in lasers, and only a little in FJ's. Plus I have a pretty old laser, so I wouldn't be winning anything :p