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Laser Sailing - Perth, Australia


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Hi everyone

I am possibly going to find myself on a work secondment to Perth, Australia from the start of next year. I may be there for around a year.

To prevent the onset of withdrawl symtoms :eek:, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good laser sailing clubs in the Perth/Freemantle area that I could sail and race with?

Club boats for hire would be advantagous, though I may be willing to buy a boat if the conditions were suitable.

I'm coming over from Scotland, so I'm guessing I can leave the aquafleece and raceskin at home!:D



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Thanks for the feedback guys. It appears there is no shortage of sailing opportunities in the area! I'll weigh up my options in the next few weeks.


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Another guy to talk to about the scene is Grant Alderson, who runs SailPower chandlery in Perth. Great guy (and he's the first Australian dealer to carry the Bottleport) and seems very plugged in there.


Good luck!