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Laser Sailboat with all New Equipment

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Price $
Oyster Bay
Laser Hull- Has some wear and tear but overall pretty good shape
Radial Rigged
Newer Rudder and Daggerboard In Great Shape
NEW Items
Radial Sail
Tiller Extension and Tiller
Blade Bag
Top Cover
Bottom Mast Section
15:1 Vang
All Rigging completely Replaced with High quality lines and blocks
New Mainsheet Block
Hiking Strap
Traveler Block
Top mast Section is not new but in great shape.

Has everything else and is ready to sail!



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Hi, I am interested in this Laser.

Two questions:

1. What year was it made?
2. Does it come with a trailer, or would I have to show up with my own?

Thank you!


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So this one is still here. It's really none of my business, but...

It's dubious when an ad doesn't state any of the most essential information: sail number, builder, and building year. This could be dealt with by posting a picture of the HIN (or other ID), but in this case that area looks suspiciously blank. If the code was hidden or removed intentionally, this could even be a stolen boat.
Luckily the manufacturer's name is visible, so we know that this boat was built between 1983 and '89. The sail number should begin with 11, 12, or 13.

The cockpit floor has some nasty-looking cracks, which mean it may be badly delaminated, which in turn means there is a non-trivial repair job ahead. That's more than "some wear and tear".
The centreboard shows the typical rust stains which tell that the internal structure is corroded. That will only get worse, possibly including suddenly-appearing bumps that you have to sand away. That's definitely not "Great Shape".
Also, showing but not listing a trolley is unpleasantly contradictory.
Not showing the sail also adds to the impression of wanting to hide the sail number and age of the boat.

Luke: if you still have this boat and still want to sell it, please post a close-up, readable picture of the starboard transom corner.

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