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Laser rudder on a Sunfish?

Nola Mike

Have a chance to buy a super cheap laser. After reading about the differences between a sunfish v laser, seems like the sunfish is a better choice for a rec sailor with a couple of little kids. However, I'd like to upgrade to the new style rudder. Figured it was a long shot, but didn't know if I could use the laser rudder on the sunfish.

beldar boathead

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The gudgeons on the Laser are further apart than a Sunfish transom is tall - so it’s pretty much a no go without massive modifications to the Laser rudder fittings.


Upside down?
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Beldar beat me to it; I confirm that the stern on a Sunfish won't accommodate a Laser rudder

Nola Mike

Figured as much, worth a shot. Wondering if I should buy the laser anyway. $200, '70's, owner says it's in good shape.