Laser related Cartoon

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Hi friends,

I remembered to a cartoon, that I made about two years ago.

I havn't been aware of that it still has some actuality also now ... :(

As I know, the cartoon-stuff of the “ICE Age” motion picture series is under strict US-copyright and I don't wanted to get any “cease-and-desist warning” post of American lawyers (Those lawyers look everywhere online, to make money) until now I did not publish the cartoon. But during the past days some good sailing mates of GER and USA did say to me: “Come on Lu, give yourself a kick…”… Okay, here is it! :)

To those lawyers, as mentioned above:
If in future, in reason of now breaking the related US-Copyrights of the “ICE Age” motion pictures industries, for basically using this ICE Age”-cartoon, you plan to send me a so called “cease-and-desist warning”, please be aware that in this case I immediately emigrate perhaps to my sailing mates drLaser at Turkey or drLoser at South America where you don’t find me. :)

Cheers and Have Fun


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Okay, friends of the shallow cartoons art.

This evening, I found a funny new theme. But, from my heart as a Laserite I felt, actually there is some thruth in it ... by doing some small additions (view at attachment) ... :p

Now, at GER, the sailing season 2011 is nearly at its end.

Have all a recreational hibernation and sweet dreams on the upcoming sailing season 2012!

2012 will be a sort of "premium year" for the Laser, as it is an Olympic year!!
See you (as a spectator or active participant on the water) at Weymouth/GB and before that: At lovely Boltenhagen/EastSea/(former East-)GER (It's worth to have a visit there)!!

Ciao LooserLu
(Westfalian brown-bear, that now goes into hibernation)