Laser rear ended on trailer - Totaled

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Anyone ever have this happen before?

Rear ended on I-495 on Long Island. Boat totaled, brand new kitty hawk trailer likely totaled. How does insurance handle a boat? How do I go about establishing its value?




Upside down?
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What's the scenario?

In most cases the car behind you would be at fault and liable. I hope he/she had insurance!

You do need to report the accident to your own insurance carrier though and follow their instructions. They can also advise you what to expect as far as replacing the boat and trailer is concerned.
Yup just submit it to your insurance. Have your reciepts for the boat , trailer and anything else dAmaged. Covers and whatever. They should cover it. Usually no deductible since it was not your fault.

If you want to part out the boat or cover let me know.


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The car that hit you will be liable and if they don't have enough coverage your uninsured motorist insurance (if you have that option) should cover the difference. Should be pretty easy getting everything replaced but you probably won't be able to keep the boat/trailer to sell for parts if they total it.

Did you have any independent insurance on the boat?
Hey Seth
I am interested in the remains of your trashed Laser and trailer. Unfortunately I cannot get my computer to download the pictures. I have rebuilt and restored over 70 Lasers in the past. I enjoy the challenge of rebuilding. If you could give my email address to your insurance company I would appreciate it. Also if you need to replace the boat, I have a 1999 and a 1996 ready to go. Thanks. Stu Nickerson.
Sad pics, but that could happen to any of us, and the laser likely saved your tow vehicle?

The insurance co will likely use this:

Get your dealer to quote full replacement cost, incl trailer. Then you can try to settle in between those 2 prices. Remind them it would have cost a LOT more if car astern had hit your vehicle.

Save anything you can, the parts are worth more than the hull. Laser Performance may even sell you just a hull, to get you back on the water.
I carry seperate insurance on my trailer and boat, i don't rely on my homeowners or auto insurance picking up on any damange. around $125.00 per year.

I hope whoever hit you had insurance.