Laser Radial

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Race-ready Model Year 2008 International Laser Class sailboat with radial rig, hull number 0QTL0200G708. Seldom sailed and stored indoors. Hull and equipment in excellent condition. Racing sail is crisp and has been kept furled on roller in sail bag indoors.
* Very lightly used radial racing sail AND practice sail
* All required spars and rigging for sails
* Daggerboard and rudder
* Blade bag
* Boat covers (top and bottom)
* Sail bag
* Dolly


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My understanding is as follows from the manufacturers information; The "L" in the hull number translates to 21 (A=10, B=11, and so forth). That would make the actual hull sequence number 210200. Both the practice sail and hull were purchased together. The racing sail was purchased in 2017.
A photo of the aluminum sticker in the cockpit by the hiking strap should have the correct number for the sail and numbers at right starboard rear .... Last two should have age

No rush for photo but saves me a trip.

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I can reconcile that the 2008 model year seems to match the 190427 number, but do have a theory about the L0200 molded into the hull? Have I put too much stock in the hull number? Appreciate the help!