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Laser Radial Worlds Bottom Section


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For a period of time, sleeves longer than allowed by the class rules and/or positioning different to the class rules were supplied in Australia and New Zealand.
These Radial Bottom Sections are illegal and can not be used at any Laser Association Event, including the World Radial Championships in Brisbane in April 2004. The onus is always on the competitor, to make sure their boat complies with the ILCA Rules, saying that you purchased the boat in its current setup, is no excuse.

Alan Downes

Australian Laser Measurer " this is the lastest post on the Australian Laser site over here and i just got the latest Email from the ILCA.

My question is how can a mistake like this happen in such a well organised, world class "One Design Boat"! In my believe they shouldn't have made them in the first place. If they are going to suddenly make these sections with the illegal sleves opsolete they should refund or supply the people with a new "LEGAL" section instead of the owner have to fork out for a ILCA mistake.


You can voice your complaint directly to ILCA President Ian Lineberger <JetFuelO@aol.com> and to Chief Measurer Jean-Luc Michon <michonjl@hotmail.com>.

Don't tell them I sent you! If you do, you'll get nowhere.

This may have nothing to do with ILCA, BTW.

I immediately notified the Class when this issue was raised in the "Politics" section. Nobody even replied.

(This subject may have no place in the "Laser Sailing" section.)



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I may be missing something but from what Tom wrote, this is not an ILCA's mistake but a builder's mistake. And if a builder sold parts or a boat that is not class legal, it should, as suggested by Tom, replace the illegal part or boat...

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They ILCA franchise the respective builders and suppliers of laser sailing equipment which must comply with the strict laser one class design rules. Why should the unsuspecting purchesers be forced to pay again for their mistakes.