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Used class legal Laser Radial Mast and Sail in Very Good Condition - Suitable for practice, club and local racing.

Comes with a Laser radial sail bag, a set of battens, a plastic tube for rolling the sail and long bag for the rolled sail.

$450 for both or, separately, $250 each.

Per the last photo, there is a professionally done 5in x 10in patch two ft forward of the clew. I do not see any structural or performance issue with this patch. Lastly, per the next-to-last photo, there were two minute, i.e. slightly larger than pinhead, punctures that I repaired with sail repair tape on both sides of the holes. The holes are the barely visible tiny dark spots in the photo.

I am driving to Maine from Virginia this week and could possible deliver anywhere en route north in the next 5 days and then on my way back south on Aug 5th.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions.

You can reach via the email link here or on cell at 7fore8 (z)ero17fore, where the code for the area is 5fore(1 less than one)

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