Laser Radial Batten Pockets

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Just last year i bought a new laser radial mk. VI sail with the new batten pockets. These pockets are the type that were "designed" to prevent battens from falling out while racing. before i raced with the mk. II sail with the old style batten pockets, the type that are still on the Full rig sails. With the old sail i hadent lost a single batten, but with my new sail i have lost at least 6 battens, all while i have been racing. i was wondering if anyone has had similar problems with the battens falling out or if there is any way to prevent this. Right now i have sail taped my battens in but i was considering sewing them in permanantly.
Hey eric, i dont know all those sail terms you were talking about... but i hav the radial sail with the blue corners and the batten pockets with the elastic to keep them in. i've only lost 1 (at youthfest... the middle one). but people on my racing team hav lost a tone.... and its odd because it seems to be the same sail loosing them, its gotten to the point that 'fogh marine' (our local laser destributer) has given them battens and re-sewn the pockets. and the people on the team with the pockets thet the batten goes in and off to the side.... they havnt lost ne

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Yeah, it happens to my Mk 6 too, but only when it's really windy and the sail is doing a lot of flogging, and then they litterally shoot out of the pocket!


Hasn't happened to me, but I use full rig battens which I was told were a tad larger. Not sure if that is truthful; if it is, that might explain why some fall out and some don't.
I am on the same team as iain and I lost two battens(top and middle) with my old sail. Now you can go to your local laser destributer and talk to them about it... My coach says that loosing battens happen but yeah you shouldn't be loosing 6. Like what iain said you can ask your local destributer and ask them if they can do anything about it