Laser Racing In the "Post Builder" Era


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I don't know if we have arrived or if it is even coming but, suppose there is no builder for our builder supplied parts that we have previously agreed define race legal Lasers.

The Laser was once the inexpensive mass produced boat that allowed us to hold contests where the entry costs were very low and where the tools of teh game were clearly defined.

Now that the Compton blades we trusted for thirty years are gone


the North sails we have trusted since 1993 have gone


the Holt Allen parts we have trusted since 1969 have gone


it seems yet another factory where hulls and decks were once laminated has ceased production...


our local dealers who have supplied our fleets for forty years are unable to purchase parts, sails or hulls

Where is our game??
Where is our game??
Given all the rumours floating around and the experience of people trying to spend their money with the company concerned (buying their product) I am quite amazed that neither the builder nor the Class Association has said anything.

Although maybe the builders silence does indicate a problem because they cannot come out and say "no problems" if there actually are problems. so maybe silence is their best course of action in which case maybe the Class Association feel loyalty to the builder rather than the membership (or maybe they just don't want to precipitate what rumour suggests might be happening anyway).

Difficult to know quite what might be happening where the only evidence is the experience of those trying to spend their money.

However, should the builder go under I am sure there would be others very happy to purchase the Laser rights (or whatever the builder holds) and continue production and supply. After all, they would be taking on a massive captive customer base. there might be some changes (pricing and some parts) but it would be a fantastic opportunity for a company who can manage things even half decently.