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Laser Pico on our car


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we want to buy a Laser Pico as it seems to be the best option for us. It should be a family boat, it should be sailed by up to 2 persons and - very important for us - it should be cartoppable as we want to take it with us on our car from Germany to France.
Do you have any recommendations regarding transportation on the roof of a car? Our car is a Mercedes E220T station wagon with roof railings. the possible roof load is 100kg.

Matt B

get a trailer
or buy a proper car youll have to buy one soon assuming its a modern merceades because itll have rust holes in it within a couple of years.


Two straps over an inverted hull should do. If you have a dolly to cartop as well a tie from the handle to the tow hooks is added insurance from wind blowing the hull upward. Easy on the tension if you skip the dolly and tie this line around the bow fitting.
i have thrown a topper topaz which is the equivelant to a pico on top of our car before. i found that it was just too much effort and i needed at least two people to get it on without damaging boa or car so i ended up getting a road trailer with detachable launching trolley. if you are going to put it on your roof make sure you tie it down very tight using ratchet blocks etc.
agree with sailin in eire..have you seen the topper topaz? its similar to the pico but can be upgraded easily for a faster racing rig if needed....


I thought that the Pico and Topaz has a hard durable plastic type of hull that is not damaged as easily as glass hulls. The car is probably in more danger. I know it was mentioned that there would probably be 2 sailors, but here is possible procedure to cartop it by yourself as long as your wagon roof is not that tall: Support the bow with a weighted box and lift the stern up and invert over the front roof rack, then push the boat by the bow and slide up and onto both racks. PM me if you want more detail.