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Well, I appear to be a card-carrying member of the union. Just came in the mail today. I'll play along for now - until they want money.


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Me too - received it last week. Still not clear what I get for being a member, but I'm now getting an email newsletter called the Rhumbline.
I just got a Rhumbline newsleter , I was interested in the discount for a products, so I called Laser in Newport, they are stocking Lasers made in the UK. What happened to made in NA? $6095 - 10% is that a good buy?


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The Lasers made in the UK are not actually being made by LP but by the firm that has been building them for the last few years. Where this fits in the grand scheme of things I could not really tell you.


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The last newsletter said ISAF was still supplying LP with hull plaques, so the UK-built boats would be class legal.

My impression is that ever since the ISAF vetoed the proposed rule changes, everyone has been operating on an unspoken status-quo basis (though I doubt Bruce Kirby is getting any license fees from LP). The rumored big announcement doesn't seem to have materialized.