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There were some intriguing announcements on the Laser Performance Sailiboats Facebook page this week.

On Monday...
Later this week, LaserPerformance will be officially announcing LaserPerformance United (LPU), a dinghy sailing community to support all levels of dinghy sailors worldwide but in the meantime we want to get our fans as excited as we are about this new global program.

One of the first unions to be offered as part of LaserPerformance United will be the International Sunfish Union (ISU). The Sunfish is an amazing class because it has such a rich heritage and diverse group of sailors. The ISU will be a way to connect, unite and support Sunfish sailors of all kinds from all over the world. We encourage Sunfish sailors to share the word and check back later this week when we will have more information about how to join and take advantage of benefits.

And in answer to a comment on that post Laser Performance Sailboats said...
The goal of LaserPerformance United IS to create a community for all LaserPerformance boat owners. One of the first unions will be for the Sunfish but we will be announcing more in the upcoming days and weeks. Stay patient and thanks for your interest!

Then on Thursday...
The objective of LaserPerformance United and its unions is to support and unite the global sailing community. We want to support and serve sailors everywhere so that they may enjoy the passion of sailing to the fullest.

Sailors from around the world can become a part of this supportive, uniting community of dinghy sailors. LPU will offer benefits and support for sailors including:
• Website
• Owner’s forum
• Merchandise
• Product Assistance Program
• Expert advise
• More exclusive deals and benefits

Check back for more updates about LPU tomorrow!

On Friday.... nothing.


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Oh, goody! Where do I send my check? So if I'm a due paying member of the LPU, does that mean LaserPerformance actually has parts available to sell to me?


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Agatha Christie: please check in to resolve these mysteries.
Dame Agatha doesn't really fancy sailing she told me in a dream, but Hercule Poirot surmises that the fuss on FB is related to the upcoming June 30 deadline to apply for sponsorship from Maclaren.
Which Maclaren? USA or NA? If I'm not mistaken, one chops off children's fingers and refuses to compensate them and the other freely gives money to sailors. But I forget which is which ... or are they one and the same?
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I see that LaserPerformance United now has its own Facebook page with references on it to a Club 420 Union, an International Sunfish Union and an International Laser Union. There's also a press release which includes this quote from Bill Crane which may give some sort of clue as to what LPU is all about...

Many organizing authorities in the sailing world currently support, almost exclusively, sailors at the top tier of racing. LaserPerformance is committed to the inclusive support of all dinghy sailors worldwide through its development of LaserPerformance United.
and this...

LPU members will have exclusive access to any product promotions and sales specials sponsored by LaserPerformance.


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Perhaps the baby buggy guys are more intelligent than that for which they have been credited.

If they form their own class associattions they need not worry about dealing with a potential rise of the 'union" of sailors which used to be the class associations.

The Laser class before baby Buggy was in independent organization generously funded by the builders.

With lower membership numbers, the removal in 2002 of the only class officer who stood up to the builders, and a simple cut off of funding from the builders, there are neither sufficient assets nor interest in generating support for a Member driven class association.

Mclaren would be foolish to waste this opportunity to remove the ILCA and replace it with something the monopoly builder can control.

I hope Mclaren decides the most effective way to sell lots and lots of lasers is to set up dealerships whose mission includes encouraging the development of local fleets.

Maybe mclaren will publish a newsletter with information about how to use the boats, how to maintian the boats, where to find boats, where to find fellow users, how to get involved, stories about fun events you missed, and lots of photos of smiling faces if sailors having a great time playing.

If mclaren does that I might have to change my signature.
Gouv, what exactly are you trying to say? You're a Texan ... "union" is a dirty word that we don't take kindly to. Did you drink the LP, finger amputating, hide behind Olympic sailors, Maclaren kool-aid or are you taunting the ILCA and challenging them to grow a pair and step up and take control?
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Gees, last year the ILCA was trying to make out the PSA/Global Sailing were the bad boys.
ILCA did say last year that both LaserPerformance and Global Sailing had threatened to set up their own class associations. This appears, on the surface, to be LaserPerformance's follow through on that threat. Have we seen any similar move by Global Sailing?
According to the June LaserWorld newsletter, There was a Global Sailing rep at the recent ILCA World Council meeting in Boltenhagen, but no LP rep.

Read into that what you will.

In Tracy's report in the same newsletter, he says he is 'quite optimistic' that we wil soon see progress in resolving the issues.

Final point of note is the 60k (pounds?) legal expenses in the 2011 ILCA accounts.
Does anyone else think that was a really good news letter (For June 2012)? I’m not really interested in reading about a report about a regatta that happened months ago. Good to see that they haven’t bothered with regatta reports and instead give a report on the world council meeting, with reports form the outgoing and incoming presidents. Any they don’t hide from the big topics – builders, lack of parts, and inability to issue timely NORs for worlds are all discussed. Tracey also suggests he will be talking more about these issues soon – perhaps an admission that ILCA communications to members needs to be much better.

I also really appreciated the outgoing presidents listing his achievements but also acknowledging challenges left for his successor. All of his listed achievements are tangible improvements for the class. Honest communication about what has, and has not, been achieved leaves me a lot less critical about the hideous lack of communication from the elected officials.

Let’s hope they keep it up!


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I typed in my my info, but I'm not sure if it went through. The screen seemed to lock up.

For club affiliation, I listed "ILCA-NA".
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I typed in my my info, but I'm not sure if it went through. The screen seemed to lock up.

For club affiliation, I listed "ILCA-NA".
It was the same for me. But a few minutes later I received an email from LPU saying they are currently "verifying" my application!


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Did any of you who signed up for LPU/ILU start receiving emails from some outfit called "The Clymb"? It's some sort of online outdoors apparel and equipment retailer.
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Did any of you who signed up for LPU/ILU start receiving emails from some outfit called "The Clymb"? It's some sort of online outdoors apparel and equipment retailer.
No, just the regular emails from Nigerian bankers who want to give me millions of dollars, and from Canadian pharmacists who think I need Viagra and Cialis.


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OK, they must have gotten my e-mail from somewhere else. However if any you want access to "member-exclusive 72-hour sales on premium brands and experiences, hand-picked by our team of fellow enthusiasts and experts", drop me a line. I seem to be on the "inside" now and can get you an invite. I even get a $20 credit if you buy something. Sounds like Amway.
"I have been sailing a Laser for 20 years- they are the best! I'm excited to join
a supportive community like the ISU." -Laser sailor
"What a great program to support your everyday Laser sailors! I can't wait to
take advantage of the benefits LPU has to offer!" -Laser sailor
Those are quotes from the laser performance page about the ISU notice the name


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Hi, I registered with LPU just to see what would happen last month...I got a confirmation email reviewing my details, then nothing...Is this just a a way of building up marketing data about Laser sailors?