Laser Performance -Breaking News ! (Hope you had a Great April 1st)

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In direct reaction of Bruce Kirby's serious plans to introduce his revolutionary new "Carbon Weekender" dinghy to the sailing world, the UK builder of the Laser, LaserPerformance Ltd. this morning at 10:00 a.m. GMT made a press- release at the NYT. Actual internal rumors say, Laser Performance takes up all forces to produce in future Kirby's Carbon Weekender at Long Buckby/UK, if the production line for the Laser Standard moves to India.

Here, below in atttachment, is a hardcopy of this news:



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Re: Laser Performance -Breaking News !

Here's a thread from last year about a company in China making knock-off Flying Scots.

Given that you can buy just about replacement Laser everyting expect hull and spars, I'm suprised there isn't a knock-off Laser already. Maybe there is.

I'm sure it would be ground for a lawsuit if anybody tried to sell it in this country.