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Radial sail and mast section good condition with battens $375.

Centerboard that has been faired with a long board and West microballons, regelcoated, wet sanded and buffed. Straight trailing edge, perfect leading edge. Better than a new one. $350.

Rudder head, hard coat anodizing, still in original sealed bag. $90.

Fatso jr 48 inch hike stick, $75. Larry marks alumunum tiller $75.

Tube sail bags. Intensity $10. APS bag $20.

Original vangs complete $10 each

All parts FOB S. Maine, will ship at your expense.
Pictures attached. Email questions to:



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Any better pictures of the sail that show quality? How old is it and how much has it been used? is the mast section straight?
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The radial sail is about 5 years old. It probably has lost its racing shape. All the normal wear points are in fine condition. (The tab at the top of the sail, all batten pockets, the gromets at the clew and tack, the mast sleeve). The sail would be good for club racing. It has been used but not dead yet. The lower mast section is straight. Price reduction to $300 but you still pay to ship. I have pictures but can't upload??? My kid did the last ones. Still trying.
Can you give approx size. It will work for main sale? Best application, sail rolled up and place or slide inside. Color? How will we handle money exchange. My zip 22307-1612 Alexandria, VA.
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The sail bag is 9 feet long and the opening at the end is about 11 inches in diameter. A full size mainsail rolled up easily slides into the tube bag. There is no full length zipper. Color is dark blue. I will need to charge $7.50 for shipping. You send a check, I send the bag.

I know that this is an old thread, but you wouldn't happen to still have one of your vangs? If so let me know. I am on the west coast of Can. (Victoria) and I would prefer shipping via USPS as it saves on brookerage (with UPS Fedex)

Thanks Phil
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