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I have two sails for sale, went to my parents house and found these on a shelf in the basement. one is a laser radial race sail, before the switch to the newer style with the blue corners. this one has been used once, for a 2 day regatta in 2002. the sail is in mint condition and will sell for 475 shipped. great for heavier people wanting to sail radial as it has a bit more low end than the newer sails do. Hyde Sail

I also have a full rig race sail used at midwinters 2007, I sold my boat after that and held on to the sail hoping I would do a regatta or two but didnt have the time due to college and other work. One light wind regatta and like new. 475 shipped. Hyde Sail

Radial practice sail 100 shipped.

Centerboard- Racing board, 275 shipped

Rudder, complete 200 shipped. two regatta on it. my old one fell off the tailgate of my truck and shattered so I bought this one at Us youth champs in 2006.

blade bag, mintcondition and stored indoors. Magic Marine asking 100 .

Offers open for all gear listed. contact me via email capt.sam2005@gmail.com with any questions.



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I am interested in the dagger board, rudder and blade bag. I will be in Greenwich tomorrow, Saturday. Can I come take a look?



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hello-- I'm very interested in the full rig race sail.

Should I send a check? Paypal? Thanks



I am very much in need of a new rudder for my laser and will be in Greenwich for Youth Champs tomorrow. I would buy your rudder on the spot if you could bring it to Indian Harbor Yacht Club where the event is. Please email me: jswik93@aol.com




Sam, how has the radial sail been stored...rolled, folded, stuffed? Are there any stains or signs of mildew? Hope this is'nt insulting; I just need to know before proceeding.

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