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laser parts, sails, blades, spars and accesories for sale

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I have a lot of extra laser parts for sale. I have pictures of everything so just email me and i will reply with a picture of the item.


Buyer must pick up items:

1. "storm" laser blade bag - $50.00

2. mafioli mainsheet - $30.00

3. old aluminum tiller. black in color and well used - $20.00

4. Immaculate vintage multi colored radial sail- almost new - $300.00

5. Old blue blade bag- $30.00

6. Old chipped centerboard. only chipped in one spot. - $40.00

7. beautiful almost new centerboard - $200

8. beautiful almost new rudder - $150.00

9. nice racing radial sale and bag- $ 300 # 175502

10. nice radial sail - $250.00 # 156954

11. newish optiparts (made for lasers) blade bag- $ 100

12. Nice rudder - $150

13. Chipper rudder blade $30

14. newish carbon fiber tiller ext short length - $100

15. Good condition fatso Jr. carbon fiber tiller ext, normal length- $ 100

16. I have many used upper-sections, lower-sections, and booms...just ask.

17. I also have a laser seitech dolly- $300

Rob B

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The dolly is easy to assemble/disassemble. He should be able to ship it to you, (you pay the shipping). Looks like he's in Stamford, CT.


yes i have a sail $200 old boom $100 ( needs 2 blocks) and many small misc parts.

i also have 3 blade bags.



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i am interested in the multicolor and the racing radial sails
call me if either is still available at 516 642 2662 - Gary


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Is the Dolly Available, and perhaps a foil bag? I lost track of things looking through all the posts.

Thank you


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We need a radial sail, and the lower section of the mast for laser. Do you have anything available. We are in Dallas, Tx.

Flying Dutchman

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I'm looking to replace my traveler section, including the small and large blocks. Also looking for a set of battens for a regular sail. Do you have any of that for sale?
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