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Laser Parts Clearance; don't pass up these bargains!


Arlington, TX
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Hello, I'm clearing out my Laser closet. I'm in Dallas if you would like to arrange for local pick up. I will ship only ship in the United States. Once we agree on a price, I will charge you shipping and packaging costs with the carrier that you would like to use.

If you would like pictures, please let me know. Serious inquiries only.

2 upper aluminum spars $75 ea
2 dagger boards, kind of tired, but class legal $50 ea
2 beat to heck Mk 1 practice sails $20 ea
1 boom with old school pullies - $75

I have a wooden daggerboard and rudder (complete with old school '70s rudderhead) These would make great trophies. Make me an offer. Tired of looking at them taking up space. You can own a piece of Laser history!

Considering sellilng newer CLASS LEGAL Mk 2 sail. I acquired it with a boat that I resold - I think it had only been used a handful of times. I've used it at one regatta, and it was as good as my Mk 2 I purchased in '19 with little use. Make me an offer. It's in very good shape. Will come with battens and an intensity roll bag. Happy to send pics for serious inquires. New they go for $650

Intensity radial practice sail. $75 comes sail only - one half of a season of regattas. NO battens or bag

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks to all!!!


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Hey man, give a call or shoot me a text. I am in Ohio but my family lives in Dallas. I’d love to get a centerboard and some sails from ya. Let’s talk, 321-777-7011. Thanks!


Arlington, TX
Hello everyone. I have one of the old sails left, and it looks like a class legal with battens (no bag). Price on this one is $35. One dagger board is gone too.